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Home Air Purifiers for Domestic Use

Free Shipping* (excludes Duct Unit)

Are you ready to revive your interior space with a home air purifier? For exceptional indoor air quality that rivals the fresh air of the outdoors, look no further than IONS Clean Air.

A Healthier and Safer Environment

Whether you’re after an air purifier for your bedroom, bathroom, or open living area, we have a range of devices made specifically for residential spaces. Working from the moment they’re switched on, our state-of-the-art systems will cleanse the air in any room you put them in.

With easy maintenance, incredible efficacy, and supreme functionality, there’s no finer choice for your home. Actively purifying and sanitising the air, you and your family will notice the difference almost immediately. Don’t compromise the safety of your loved ones — choose an IONS home air purifier today.

The Benefits

At IONS Clean Air, we are leaders in our industry, always striving to provide the very best tried and tested air purification and sanitisation solutions. Our air purifiers use advanced bipolar ionisation to cleanse the air around your home, offering a number of benefits such as: 

  • High effectiveness against COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2)
  • Combatting airborne spores, bacteria, pathogens, pollutants, and allergens in the home
  • Neutralising bad odours
  • Removing fine dust particles (PM 10 and PM 2.5) from the air
  • Sanitising the air and surfaces inside your home
  • No maintenance, cleaning, or filter changes required

The VAIA Lamp

The VAIA Lamp is the perfect addition to any bedroom, study, or home gym. This small air purifier can effortlessly sanitise indoor spaces up to 80m3 while adding character and style to your home with its sleek, modern design.


This small but mighty portable air purifier is the ideal solution for desks, vehicles, and sanitisation on the go. Efficient and adaptable, The Pod can be connected to both USB ports and external power sources to sanitise spaces up to 15m3.



This large room air sanitiser offers a sleek and modern design to help you sanitise your home in style. With easy setup and no maintenance, The Tower can seamlessly slot into any home living area, efficiently sanitising spaces up to 90m3.


We have a range of IONS duct devices expertly designed to sanitise the air in spaces with closed airflow. Made to easily connect to any air management system covering up to 1,500m3, the IONS Duct Unit can provide incredible air quality throughout your entire home.