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Shop Our Range of Air Sanitiser Machines

Shop Our Range of Air Sanitiser Machines

Shop Our Range of Air Sanitiser Machines

At IONS Clean Air, we are leaders in our industry, providing efficient and innovative air purifying and sanitising solutions throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Explore our revolutionary range of products today and find the perfect air sanitiser machine for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about our air sanitisers? You can take a look at some of our most commonly asked questions below or head over to our FAQ page for even more information about our range of products. To discuss any further queries with our team, head over to our contact page today.

How Do Air Sanitisers Work?

Powered by cold plasma technology, our automatic air sanitisers use a process called bipolar ionisation to cleanse the air indoors. This creates the kind of crisp, clean air quality you’d find in open outdoor areas, keeping your indoor space feeling fresh and natural. Our air sanitiser products are not only effective at purifying the air, but they are also effective at combatting airborne viruses, bacteria, and fungal spores.

What is the Main Difference Between an Air Purifier and an Air Sanitiser?

YIf you’re wondering whether you should opt for an air sanitiser or buy an air purifier for your Australian home or business, it’s important to know how they differ. The main difference between an air purifier and a sanitiser is how they cleanse the air around them.

Air purifiers tend to cleanse the air by using a filter to trap and remove irritants such as dust and pollen. Our air sanitisers, on the other hand, remove airborne particles that are much more sinister, such as harmful germs, pathogens, and spores. This removal process is done without a filter, meaning our sanitisers are also much easier to maintain than most purifiers.

Are Air Sanitisers Effective Against Covid-19?

The effectiveness of our air sanitiser technology in combatting viruses has been independently tested and certified by a number of credible organisations. In a recent study conducted in August 2021 by Innovative Bioanalysis, our IONS AWD6 Series achieved more than a 99% reduction against aerosolised SARS-CoV-2.

This AWD6 ions generator is featured in a number of models, including The Vaia Lamp and The Cube.

How Long Can I Keep My Air Sanitiser Machine Running?

You can run your air sanitiser for as long as you like, but we recommend only running it when you’re in the room to get the most benefit out of your machine. This will also ensure you’re not overworking your sanitiser, which could increase the likelihood of your system needing repairs.

How Long Can I Keep My Air Sanitiser Machine Running?

Our machines can be used to sanitise indoor spaces of almost any size, from small 15m3 rooms to large 5,000m3 spaces. Whether you’re looking for a compact sanitiser to keep your bathroom fresh or an industrial-sized device to sanitise packed shopping malls or convention centres, we’ve got you covered.

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